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Centrifugal Castings At Great Lakes Industrial Solutions Inc.

• Centrifugally, tubes are made by spun casting. The advantage of the centrifugally cast tubes is the high purity of the Cr and Ni-containing alloys. A certain amount of molten steel is filled into rotating molds.

• The high centrifugal forces press the liquid metal to the surface of the mold, and thus the tube shape is made.

• Due to the lower density of the impurities, they are concentrated in the inner side of the tubes and can be removed by pull-boring afterward if required.

• Furthermore, by centrifugal casting, the carbon content (0.4-0.5%) can be maintained higher as compared to drawn tubes (up to 0.1%)

Advantages of the Centrifugal Casting Process

There are a number of advantages to using centrifugal casting for the manufacture of cylindrical and circular parts, such as: